Research Group Prof. Dr. G. Friedrichs

New Research Grade FTIR Spectrometer

DPPC_IRRAS2021: A new research grade FTIR spectrometer (Bruker Vertex 80v) has become available in the Friedrichs' laboratory.  The versatile spectrometer is equipped with many optional functionalities such as "high-resolution" (< 0.06 cm-1 spectral resolution), "rapid scan" (up to 110 full spectra per second), "step-scan" and "interleaved TRS" (for time-resolved FTIR measurements with up to 2.5 ns time resolution). Moreover, attenuated total reflectance and infrared reflection-absorption measurements are possible using on a commercial diamend ATR unit and a home-built external IRRAS setup, respectively. The spectrometer will be used for quantitative high-resolution gas phase spectroscopy, time-resolved FTIR spectroscopy, and the analysis of solid and liquid samples, in particular interfaces. The spectrometer capabilities are currently tested in the framework of the master's thesis of Ludwig Dittmer (setup of IRRAS experiment) and, building upon Ludwig's work, in the bachelor's thesis of Jan-Niklas Dühr (time-resolved IRRAS). A home-built upgrade to polarization-modulation functionality is also planned for the near future to further enhance the sensitivty of the instrument. The Figure illustrates a first measurement and spectral simulation of a DPPC phospholipd monolayer at the air-water interface.