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Disputation Florian-David Lange

Disputation FD Lange10.08.2021: Florian-David Lange successfully defended his thesis entitled "Investigation of Sea Surface Nanolayer Properties and Photochemistry Using Modern Laser Spectroscopic and Surface Analytical Techniques". In his very interdisciplinary thesis, Florian reports results mainly obtained with surface-sensitive methods such as Langmuir trough measurements and VSFG spectroscopy. This included the development of so-called surfactant indices that are useful to quantify the sea-surface microlayer abundance in a straightforward manner. Here, he was able to confirm that the surface-active molecules found at the surface of natural marine water samples (collected at Boknis Eck timeseries station) presumably is a result of intense microbial processing of organic matter produced during preceding algal blooms. This more marine science related topic was complemented by the synthesis and spectroscopic characterization of new class of surface-active photosensitizeres, hence a really chemical/physicochemical task. The so-called BXx (benzoylbenzoic acid hydroxyalkyl esters) will enable the study of interface-selective photochemistry in the near future in an upcomimg dissertation project. Finally, Florian was also very active in writing software tools for database handling and automatic data analysis - clearly a spin-off of his deep interest in software engineering. Two years before the thesis was finally completed, he already started to work for a software company, first in part-time and later accepting a full time position. So he had to come back to Kiel to take the challenge to organize a Corona compliant disputation - even using Linux OS, which made it even tougher. Congratulations to the well-deserved Ph.D. (Dr. rer. nat.) title!