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Disputation Alexandra Dabrowski

Dr. Alexandra Dabrowski 202019.10.2020: Alexandra Dabrowski successfully defended her thesis entitled "Structure-Reactivity Trends of Fatty Acid Monolayer Ozonolysis Studied by Time-Resolved & Polarization Dependent VSFG Spectroscopy". The thesis reports very diverse experimental results based on vibrational sum-frequency generation spectroscopy, including a systematic study on the reactivity of several fatty acids with shifted double bond position, the surface-concentration dependence of the effective rate constant of monolayer ozonolysis, and the surface-concentration dependence of the molecular structure and order of fatty acid monolayers. For the latter, she also developed and implemented the polarization null angle method that allows one to determine averaged molecular orientations of VSFG active molecular groups of aligned molecules at the water-air interface. With her research, Alexandra significantly contributes to an improved molecular understanding of oxidation reactions of organic molecules at environmental interfaces, in particular at the air-water interface of marine systems (ocean surface, aqueous aerosols). Congratulations to the well-deserved Ph.D. (Dr. rer. nat.) title!