Research Group Prof. Dr. G. Friedrichs

Boknis Eck Time Series Station: Measurements from 1957 to 2010

H. W. Bange, A. Dale, H. P. Hansen, J. Karstensen, F. Malien, C. Petereit, K. Laß, G. Friedrichs

LOICZ Inprint 1 (2011) 16-22.

Salinity, temperature, and O2 have been recorded on a monthly basis at the Boknis Eck Time Series Station (BE; Eckernförde Bay, SW Baltic Sea) since April 1957 with only two major breaks (1976-78 and 1983-1985). Chlorophyll a measurements started in 1960 and nutrient data (NO2-, NO3-, NH4+, PO43-, SiO42-) are available since March 1979. Here we present a short introduction to the long-term trends observed at BE and selected results of ongoing projects covering different topics from the surface microlayer and the water column to the sediments at BE. On the basis of a preliminary analysis of the long-term records of surface water temperature, oxygen in 25m, and dissolved nutrients we conclude that BE is affected by both regional processes and global processes detectable as eutrophication and warming of the surface water, respectively. The number of events with extremely depleted O2 concentrations (hypoxia/anoxia) in the bottom layer has been increasing during the last 25 years. Moreover, BE is site of significant emissions of climate relevant trace gases such as methane.
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