Research Group Prof. Dr. G. Friedrichs

Workshop "The Ocean Surface Microlayer and Biogeochemical Feedbacks in the Earth System"

From July 1 - 3 2015 an International Workshop with more than 40 participants has been organized by Anja Engel, Hermann Bange, Gernot Friedrichs, and Anke Schneider in the framework of the Semester Topic "Ocean Interfaces" in the "Wissenschaftszentrum" at Kiel University. National and international experts discussed aspects of the ocean surface with respect to physical, biological, and chemical factors controlling exchange processes at the sea-atmosphere interface. A focus was set to the role of the Sea Surface Microlayer (SML), which is far from being well understood. Following a stimulating poster session at the first day, the second day was devoted to six discussion sessions, each starting with an overview and a controversial talk: 1. Sea Surface Microlayer Characteristics - Physical, Biological, Chemical (Michael Cunliffe & Christian Stolle); 2. Gas Exchange Processes (Peter Liss & Kerstin Krall); 3. Aerosols - Production and Emission (Manuela van Pinxteren & Caroline Leck); 4. Advanced Methods & Remote Sensing (Christoph Garbe & Rüdiger Röttgers); 5. Interactions in a Changing Climate / Anthropogenic Forcing (Douglas Wallace & Patricia Quinn); 6. Modelling Processes Across the Sea Surface Microlayer (Susannah M. Burrows and Markus Schartau). Finally, during the third day, the three breakout groups "SML characteristics: description, quantification and prediction","Exchange of gas, heat and momentum across the SML", and "Role of SML for production and properties of aerosols" made first steps in preparing a joint white paper. The workshop was completed by a stimulating public talk given by Peter Liss ("The Case of Oceans' Plankton") and a marvelous dinner at the "Fördeblick" with spectacular moonrise over the quite Kiel fjord.