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Welcome Yasuyuki Sakai

Y.SakaiApril 2015.

Prof. Dr. Yasuyuki Sakai safely arrived in Kiel for a 10 month research stay / sabbatical term in the "Ocean Surface Chemistry & Reaction Kinetics" workgroup. Prof. Sakai holds the position of a Senior Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechnical Engineering at University of Fukui in Japan and is an expert in quantum chemical modeling of chemical elementary reactions in the field of combustion sciences. He received his Ph.D. in the Prof. Koshi's "Laboratory of Reaction Chemistry based on Molecular Dynamics" at Tokyo University in 2008. In Kiel, he is going to work on joint projects both in the field of experimental and theoretical reaction kinetics and immediately started to perform calculation on NCN radical related reactions. We are very glad that Yasuyuki Sakai have selected Kiel as a host institution as it gives us the possibility to further strengthen our already existing links to Japanese working groups.