Research Group Prof. Dr. G. Friedrichs

Two-Week Measurement Campaign at the Swiss Light Source

SwissLightShowNov./Dez. 2017


After about two weeks of very hard work, the SLS team consisting of has returned overtired from a measurement campain at the VUV synchrotron beamline at the Swiss Light Source (SLS) at the Paul-Scherrer-Institut (PSI) in Villingen, Switzerland. The team, consisting of scientists from Kiel (Michael Stuhr, Sebastion Hesse, Dario Broich, Gernot Friedrichs), Fukui (Jiang Ying, Fukui Univ. Japan), has been further supported by members of the working group of Ingo Fischer (Univ. Würzburg, Germany) and Patrick Hemberger from . Measurements were conducted using the new CRF-PEPICO setup that allows one to perform both reaction kinetics measurements  and high resolution photoelectron spectroscopy on gas phase radicals generated by VUV photolysis of suitable precursors. Here, a focus was set on the generation, detection, and reactions of the hydroperoxy radical HO2, which is a key species in combustion ignition and atmospheric chemistry. For example, the first threshold photoelectron spectrum of HO2 has been measured and multi-species concentration-time profiles have been recorded in the reaction system H2O2/(COCl)2.