Research Group Prof. Dr. G. Friedrichs

HOSST/TOSST Transatlantic Summer School 2014, Kiel, Germany

10-20 June 2014

HOSST_TOSST22 postgraduate students, half of them from Germany and the complementing half from Canada, gathered together for the 2nd HOSST/TOSST Summer School. from 10-20 June. This was the second summer school after the first one held in Halifax, Canada, 10-18 October 2013. HOSST/TOSST is a joint, transatlantic graduate research school linking two major centers of ocean research, i.e. Northern Germany (HOSST) and Maritime Canada (TOSST).
The main topic of the summer school was about Ocean Structure and Sedimentation as well as Marine Protected Areas and Modern Analytical Methods that are used in different disciplines of the ocean research community. For example, the analytics module comprised an introduction to modern mass spectrometric techniques available at GEOMAR and a visit to the accelerator centre DESY in Hamburg. Our group has contributed a lecture and several hands-on experiments to highlight modern applications of laser methods in marine sciences. In particular, the new HOSST/FutureOcean funded IR-CRD analyzer (Ibrahim Sadiek) and the VSFG machine (J. Kleber, K. Laß) have been demonstrated by means of instructive test experiments.