Research Group Prof. Dr. G. Friedrichs

Distinguished Paper Award

PaperAwardJanuary 2017

The Combustion Institute has selected the paper Quantitative HNO detection behind shock waves by Nancy Faßheber, Marvin C. Schmidt and Gernot Friedrichs to receive the Distinguished Paper Award in the Reaction Kinetics colloquium for the 36th International Symposium on Combustion. The paper reports the first detection of HNO behind shock waves - an important first step to shed light into the high-temperature chemistry of HNO. HNO is known as a key species in NOx flame chemistry, however, the direct detection of HNO under combustion conditions is challenging and hence knowledge about its high temperature kinetics is scarce. We were able to measure HNO concentration-time profiles by means of the frequency modulation spectroscopy, a sensitive laser based absorption method ideally suited for experiments behind shock waves.

Distinguished Papers will now be evaluated by the Silver Combustion Medal Committee. An outstanding paper that exemplifies quality, achievement, and significance to advance a field of combustion science will be selected to receive the Silver Combustion Medal at the 37th Symposium in Dublin, Ireland in 2018.