Research Group Prof. Dr. G. Friedrichs

Cooperation with Univ. Lille, France

CooperationUniLilleFrom Nov 10 to Nov 16 2014, Nathalie Lamoureux and Pascale Desgroux (both PC2A, University of Lille, France) visited Kiel to perform LIF experiments using the ps-OPO laser system. Nearly all group members were involved to make the pretty involved experiments happen within one week. The measurements aimed at LIF detection of NCN from NCN3 UV photolysis in order to accurately determine its radiative liftime. For sure this was a successful start of the collaboration with the French flame modeling group, which will be continued in the near future with a special focus on NCN and NOx formation chemistry. In the meantime, a first joint paper has been published in PCCP about rate constant measurements and a flame modeling study on the reaction NCN + H2.